Bladder Health Month Awareness with Probio3+

“Bladder Health Awareness Month” – yes, there is such a thing and it’s on in November! There are a number of different supplements that we could talk about that may have a positive effect on urinary health, but today we want to focus on one – Probio 3+ with Cranberry. This Immunotec product has a number of interesting components – a combination of 7 probiotics along with “prebiotics” which ensure the health of the probiotics (remember, probiotics are living cultures) plus cranberry.

Now, most of you will recognize that cranberry has been used for centuries to treat urinary tract infections. The way it’s supposed to work is to alter the acidity (or pH) in the urine to discourage bacterial growth. That’s an easy one to understand.

What’s less known, is that certain probiotics also have the ability to improve bladder infections. But they need to be specific cultures of prebiotic cultures, and there are many! What people need to know, is that each species of probiotic bacterial culture has its own qualities and uses. Probiotics have their own unique characteristics and applications. This is why Immunotec used SEVEN separate strains! This is critical when evaluating ANY probiotic product – the more strains, the more potential benefits the mixture brings!

Now, the probiotic that has received the most attention for dealing with urinary tract infections is a species called “Lactobacillus rhamnosus”, and of course, this is one of the ones specifically selected to be in Immunotec’s lineup! So the only urgency you should have, is to take advantage of this product. To health!

By: Dr. Jimmy Gutman MD, Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board

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