Immunotec and Dr. Hugo Palafox participated in the 5th International Conference on Food Science & Nutraceuticals

Our Global VP, Dr. Hugo Palafox, PhD, participated on behalf of Immunotec as a keynote speaker in the 5th International Conference on Food Science & Nutraceuticals, which was held in Tecnológico de Monterrey [Monterrey Institute of Technology] in Guadalajara, Mexico. His speech was focused on the amazing scientific advancements regarding the strengthening of the immune system from a nutraceutical point of view.

You are probably wondering: What is the International Conference on Food Science & Nutraceuticals?

It’s an exclusive conference with more than 500 attendees. The audience is 95% academic, which included well renowned scientific opinion leaders from Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Panama, among others.

In this prestigious conference, and for over an hour, Dr. Hugo Palafox’s speech achieved historical exposure and recognition for Immunotec within the Latin American scientific community, as well as a new invitation to the next International Conference on Food Science & Nutraceuticals.

Dr. Palafox’s participation in such a renowned conference reaffirms the significance of our products backed by decades of scientific research and a comprehensive strategy focused on strengthening the immune system.

This marks a new milestone for Dr. Hugo Palafox and the Immunotec Family.

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