The Law of the First Circle


By Randy Gage

One day was complaining to my sponsor about my team. Most of my people seemed to be lazy, never brought guests to the presentations, and seemed to just want to wait around for their own group to make them rich. I wondered why they couldn’t be more like me.

Unfortunately, that was the problem. They were.

And that is the fascinating thing about this wonderful and amazing, yet crazy and frustrating business we call Leveraged Sales. Because everything we do goes back to the first circle – the one that says “You” in it.

Now that’s not a popular viewpoint to be sharing in the business today. The way many people place consultants in their structure has certainly created some entitlement culture in the business. Many people demand spillover and see it as their birthright. So if their sponsor hasn’t built out a good portion of their structure for them, they’re quick to place the blame on that sponsor for the less-than-successful results they are experiencing.

Yet others place the blame on their team. It’s very easy to fault our people and insist that they haven’t done enough to make us rich. But, of course, there are not employees in our business, but volunteers.

The bonus deposited into your account every month has your name on it, no one else’s. Once you accept that, you’re ready to create success. And to do that, you must operate in accord with the Law of the First Circle.

We are responsible for going first, testing the way, finding what works, and then sharing that information with those we bring into the business. We are a unique combination of mentor, coach, teacher, commanding officer, and partner. People don’t work for us, they work for themselves. But, of course, what they do impacts our own results and income.

The best training I ever got for our business came from outside of the business. What helped me more than anything else was the work I did heading up the Board of Trustees at my church and some other nonprofit organizations, because in each case I was working with an all-volunteer army. And when you can’t hire and fire people, you’re forced to learn how to inspire, lead, and partner for a common goal.

So that’s where we begin, because you can do all those things by the way you run the first circle. And the first circle is the only thing you can really control…

You can say you’re going to sponsor ten people this month, but you can’t control that, because each candidate makes his or her own decision on whether or not they will ultimately sign the application. You can set a goal to reach a certain rank by a certain time, but, again, that’s not in your control either. The only thing you control is that first circle. You control how many 11 Secrets booklets and Super Immunity magalogs you circulate. And how many invitations you make for candidates to watch one of the powerful informational videos Immunotec offers. The paradox is that when you control your own circle, that influences all of the other circles in your organization. You cause certain behavior to happen, but you do it by modeling the behavior yourself and being the example people decide to duplicate.

What you will learn along the way is that you don’t grow your network. You grow your people, and they grow the network. But that all starts with you, and the principles, behavior, and culture you lead with.

Peace, RG

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2 Comments on “The Law of the First Circle

April 12, 2022 at 7:22 pm

EXCELENTE INFORMACIÓN. En mi caso personal he pasado por todos los síntomas y circunstancias señaladas en el artículo, pero al estar seguro de que mi negocio depende de mí y de nadie más, he retomado con mayor disciplina el reto de crecer en lo personal y ayudar a que mi organización crezca……. Saludos cordiales

August 11, 2023 at 4:52 pm

Thanks so much for the post.


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