Your weaknesses are your strengths

By Jaime Lokier

“People don’t believe in me because I’m too young”, “they don’t believe in me because I don’t have money”, “they don’t believe in me because I’m a single mother”, “they don’t believe in me because I’m too old”, “they don’t believe in me because I have no education”… These are some of the most frequent statements I’ve heard in this industry, in all its versions!

When in fact, these types of cues, which people see as disadvantages, could become your greatest strength.

The first thing you need to understand when you have such a “disadvantage” is that this weakness for which you say people don’t believe in you, is only in your mind, you don’t know the real reason why people don’t join you in your business, the only thing you know is that you are actually believing the story.

Usually, 95% of the time people don’t believe in you, because you don’t believe in you.

If you are not convinced on what you are doing, and if you believe that you do not have the ability to be followed by other people, it will be reflected in your attitude and you will (intuitively) make others feel that there is little certainty in the environment and… no one wants to go into a network marketing business where there is little certainty!

You are responsible for working internally on your confidence so that people want to be part of your business, regardless of your past, regardless of your background, regardless of anything but that moment where you confidently tell people that you want them to be part of your team.

But I also have wonderful news for you: your “disadvantages” can be the best argument for people to want to be part of your team, because you have the ability to tell them: “Hey, if I am a single mother (or foreigner, or young, or whatever label you put on yourself) imagine how you could do and the results you could get” “if I am growing my business, imagine what you could do…”

In other words, use that disadvantage to your advantage, so that people see it and say, “for sure, if he can do it, imagine what I could do”. I’ m telling you, I’ve seen people go up on stage with real disadvantages in the ordinary world, people who were in jail and nobody gave them a chance, people with mobility ailments going up to receive awards from the highest ranks.

The message is clear: if I’m doing it, then imagine what you could do and if you need help building your confidence, talk to your sponsor and ask them to help you make a plan to generate your first income, one that will give you a testimony and the strength to say, “If I can do it, you can do it”.

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